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Re-Exam Policy

CASE - 1 : Missed a test due to participation in the Inter-School Competitions (Sports / Co-scholastic)

POLICY : Eligible for Re-exam in the respective subject

CASE -2 : Missed a test for being Medically Indisposed (e.g. ill, accident or fracture minimum of 3 days leave).


  • Missed One Unit Test in any subject, Marks of 2 UT to be taken up for entry of marks.
  • Missed Two UTs in the same subject, Eligible for Re-exam and the marks obtained will be entered for the first UT also.
  • Missed three UTs in the same subject, To be marked absent and awarded 'zero'.

NOTE : The school policy stated at a, b & c is subject to submission of a Medical certificate from a registered practitioner, within 48 hours.

CASE - 3 : Missed a test due to marriage in the family, death in the family, travelling outstation or any other personal reasons other than stated above.

POLICY : There will be No Re- Examination. The Report Card will show case the status as 'ABSENT'.

It is mandatory to appear for the SA1 and SA2 as per C.B.S.E. rules.